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Partecipa a SEWF 2015 e vince una borsa di studio. Giovane eccellenza siracusana vola a Milano

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Leonardo D and Francesca M , summer 2016

My Sicilian tour left an indelible sign of nostalgia for your land, for me and 2 of my children was the first time, for my wife a return after 35 years, for the other son who had been there 2 years before the opportunity to share his previous experience.
Before arriving in Syracuse we passed by Messina, that breakfast; Taormina, that is, never enough; in Giardini Naxos, two days of relaxation. Continuing south you could not help but stop on ‘Etna, especially breakfast at Zafferana Etnea, the granita, and after a walk to the valley of the ox, with an exceptional guide, we did a snack at Nicolosi, the cannoli.
Satisfied of food and nature we have continued for a walk in Catania that has amazed us for the art, welcomed with a beautiful celebration in the cathedral and amazed for the alleys the markets and shops. To arrive to Syracuse passing by Agnone Bagni has allowed us a little rest and to see a small reality that we did not expect, it was the 15 of August then procession of the Madonna, and then pinata. Here we are Syracuse here perhaps we were a little tired after we had walked to Augusta, and then at the suggestion of my son, a nice boat tour around the ‘ortigia with a bath to broad visit to the stacks etc. etc. etc..
The idea of the Plemmirio and the possibility of the DWS blended in my head before leaving, but after seeing all that rock had become a need, so after spending the night near the ‘Arenella we went to the plemy, especially in the area called “Geronimo”.
Then we continued to Avola, Noto, Isola dell correnti, Palermo, S.Vito.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience.

Your experience with Siracusa Tour?

“surely without your indications I would not have been able to find and to land in the so called zone “Geronimo” where it is realized the possibility of dives and climbs on a sea that is not able to describe. We have made so many of them that to visit the Greek Theatre, the ear of Dionysus etc.. my wife had to drag us.

Rodney P, Malta, May 2016

If I could give advice to a tourist, especially Maltese, it would be
that if you do like me that I came with my car
and my place was in Acireale, it is:
“To divide the road so as not to see it too long, I stopped in Noto
then I stopped in Syracuse, then we went to Borderi and
when it got a little late, we left for Acireale.
We went to Etna and then to Taormina (Porta Messina), after we went to the gates of Catania and the last day we went again to the gates of Catania and Syracuse, for the sandwich of Borderi, to then arrive at the
catamaran in Pozzallo….
I missed the Ciane river that I wanted to visit but
will be for the next one.
This was our experience in Sicily, which was
“I’m gonna have to do it again.”

Your experience with Siracusa Tour?

“I was a bit in trouble to reach some places in Sicily, because for me
it was my first time there. I wanted to come from Malta in my van and I wanted to
enter the location data on my GPS and I contacted Mr.
Daniele Valvo who has been very kind and very helpful with me, I have
asked which are the best places to visit in only four days
and gave me a list with all the details on where to eat, too.
a really good sandwich.
Then I asked him for the coordinates for the GPS and he sent me everything ready to insert them in the GPS. Even when I was in Sicily I asked him for information and I answered immediately, fortunately there was you Mr. Daniel, because we have not lost even once. thank you so much for everything. A big greeting from Malta.”

Sarah P, Berlin, March 2017

“I wanted to go to Sicily with my boyfriend and our little two-month-old son. We had a lot of trouble finding an apartment that was not too expensive, in the center and that was good for a small child.

Your experience with Siracusa Tour?

Fortunately, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Daniele. Daniele was super helpful, fast, professional and helped us a lot. In a short time he even found us more apartments that were good for us – so we were finally spoilt for choice. In addition, Daniele offered to help us in any way we could during our stay. Thanks Daniele!”

Silvia P, Turin, summer 2016

“I take this opportunity to thank Daniele, who although not in Syracuse during the time I visited Sicily helped me a lot in the choice of route, accommodation and more! Daniele is a fantastic person, extremely informed, kind and reliable! If you intend to visit Syracuse I strongly recommend you to contact him”.