Calesse Tour

Daily Tour 1 hour Availability: 2018-07-09
Via Raffaele Lanza, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italia Ortigia

This tour explores Ortigia, the historic city center of Syracuse situated on a small island.

Its particular location and its 3000 years of history make it a place of incredible charm. From the Temple of Apollo, the oldest Greek temple in Sicily, the path leads through the picturesque streets to the Cathedral Square, where you can visit the Catholic church built on an ancient pagan temple. Afterwards you can admire the enchanting Fonte Aretusa near the sea: the myth of Arethusa has been told by Ovid and in its crystalline waters grow papyrus plants that were probably brought there when Archimedes lived in the city.

The way back passes through the Jewish Quarter up to Via Maestranza, where the town’s nobility had its lavish mansions. At Piazza Archimede, the Fountain of Diana in neoclassical style is reminiscent of the glorious past of Syracuse.

The tour ends at the local fish and fruit market where you can taste the local life, its colours and perfumes.

The tour is available in Italian, English, German

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Via Raffaele Lanza, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italia