Ddieri di Baulì

Daily Tour 5 hours
Noto Antica

An island of greenery, a short pristine paradise in the heart of the Iblei, the white color of limestone…this is the quarry of Baulì!

The term Ddiere derives from the Arabic language and means “house”, indicating the housing function of the structures excavated in the tender rock. It is also curious how the term Baulì, probably coming from the union of the Arabic terms of Bu-Ali, “Son of Ali”, has come down to us. After the Saracen invasion and conquest, a substantial Arab community settled in these parts, perhaps even reusing the same daggers of the quarry.

For those who love adventure and the rediscovery of a forgotten and poorly-frequented place, Baulì’s ddieri are absolutely a must for the extraordinary beauty of the combination of wild nature and ancient history.

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