Valle dell’Anapo & Pantalica Experience

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96010 Sortino SR, Italia Sortino

You will cross this wonderful reserve following the route of the old railway that once crossed the valley. Magnificent landscapes and unspoiled nature are the owners of the place, ancient tombs and the river Anapo will transport you to a world that seems to be Paradise. Seeing is believing. It is also possible to book the transport.

The reserve gate under Sortino, follow the trail created on the old railway track, we will cross the railway tunnels, we will stop to admire the ancient tombs, the vegetation, the animals. You will return to the starting point, all with very little effort considering the flat path. It is also possible to book the transport.

One of the masterpieces of Sicily. A Unesco world heritage site, Pantalica is an archeo-naturalistic pearl on the island, where man has fused with nature perfectly.

With a good part is still unexplored, Pantalica is a deep canyon (cava in Siciliano) carved by the Anapo River and characterized by a necropolis over a large area with thousands of stone tombs and caves carved into the rock, dating back to 1300 BC, and like a beehive drawn on the vertiginous wall.

How did the Siculi carve them in the rock ?  The most credible hypothesis is that they descended from the mountain on rope. 5000 caves discovered and a good number more probably ready to be opened.
Pantalica holds a mysterious fascination in the absolute sense. You can see archeological ruins, and you can feel natural solemnity, interrupted only by the call of a bird of prey or the meditative flowing river.

If you request we will also go to an olive oil factory

96010 Sortino SR, Italia

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